Actief deelnemen


Voor Care For Joy zijn vrijwilligers onmisbaar.  Onze organisatie werkt volledig op vrijwilligerswerk.
Je kan je talenten inzetten op verschillende terreinen als ondersteuning voor onze activiteiten.


Wil je graag vrijwilliger worden binnen Care For Joy?
Wil je graag alleen of met andere mee de handen uit de mouwen steken?

Ga je graag op kamp met je organisatie/ vereniging naar één van onze projecten in de Himalaya?


We werken met spontane sollicitaties.  Het is wel heel belangrijk dat je een sterke humanitaire motivatie hebt en je wil engageren.



Working with Care For Joy


Ladakh indeed surprises you, enriches you and showers you with lots of love and warmth. It was my first visit to Ladakh in this last July. I was there as part of this interesting project of Anubhuti called “Care For Joy”. Me and Rani was assigned to work with two schools that runs Care For Joy – Model School in Spituk and Nomadic Residency School in Puga.

Experience in Spituk School

Me and Rani helped the Headmaster in designing new art classes for the students. The traditional musical instruments, Daman (drums) and flute were selected for the new music classes. Besides, we planned painting classes from UKG to Class 5. Chetan, the headmaster was assigned to find the artists and buy the musical instruments and painting essentials. We started recording the Care For Classes and expenses in a diary. Meanwhile, Chetan and a parent have started teaching traditional dance for the students.

Before we left the school we once saw a Daman practitioner coming and warming up the students. It was indeed a sight! We also conducted many painting workshops like making natural colors, painting using vegetables and fruits, painting on independence day theme etc. On the last day of our school, Chetan and teachers welcomed us for suggestions on school and Care For Joy in particular. We left with immense satisfaction.

Future Plans

Rani and myself felt this amazing school has such a strong unity and bond among the teachers, students and parents. Care For Joy can definitely can play a role in this. We are thinking of developing the music classes and dancing classes into a band. In future this band can perform in the district level school programmes and be a true model for the other schools.

Forming a theatre club will be also fascinating. Since we already have regular theatre activities in the school it could be truly interesting to club these activities with music and dance.


We had a parents teachers meeting to discuss about the new Care For Joy projects. On the very next day we were discussing Chetan regarding the outcomes of the meeting and the importance of appointing a music teacher immediately. He told us that on the meeting a parent started enquiring weirdly about the flute classes. He said that the artists who practice this belongs to a certain caste of the society. We were shocked to hear that caste still exists in Buddhism and also in an open minded society like Ladakh. We realized that when we design for projects like Care For Joy we should have a well understanding and study on the culture, tradition and history of the place. Chetan is really a wise man and a good teacher. He promised us that he will take care of it and deal it smartly.

Experience in Puga School

The experience in Puga was completely different from Spituk. Care For Joy room was quite active there, but a little messed up. We spend the initial days in arranging the room and helped in making a routine time table for Care For Joy classes. Like in Spituk we did painting workshops. Some of the high school girls joined the weaving class. Dechen, the primary school teacher is planning to take weaving classes for primary and upper primary class children. The senior girls also will help Dechen. The students is showing immense curiosity and interest in both painting and weaving classes.

Future Plans

Starting with cultural nights will be an interesting move. Since they have a long day classes almost everyday, the students will not get free time on the working days. So it is good to think about on Saturday nights and Sundays. The nomadic children have great taste in music and dance. We think they can choreograph their folktales and songs by their own once we help them with a dancing club.

One day we had a movie night with the children. They seemed really moved by the movie. They prefer watching Ladakhi movies to Bollywood movies. So we think it will be a good idea to prove a movie corner for the children. We can buy CDs of the critically acclaimed Ladakhi movies and documentaries under Care For Joy. When we were in Leh, we attended a movie festival. It showcased some great documentaries and movies from Ladakh. We believe these movies can help the students to know more on their rich culture in a joyful way. (This could be also be a good plan for Spituk school. They too have a good projector there)


The major challenge there was the man power. The government has not yet appointed enough teachers and other faculties for the assigned positions. We believe to make substantial progress in the activities of Care For Joy we need volunteers for at least a month in Puga. Only who can spare some time in the school can motivate and create a foundation for Care For Joy projects.


On a personal note, I had a rich time in Ledakh. Working with Care For Joy was absolutely an incredible experience. It opened up a new experience with school children. It taught me patience, compassion and kindness. It also gives me a golden opportunity to directly engage with the local people and help in learning the culture of a new place. Working with Rani was never tiring and boring, in fact, more energy and positivity to the world around me. It was just like working with a close friend. Thank you Rani for everything.

Thank you Helga for this absolutely amazing experience and I really appreciate your vision and the kindness of the Care for Joy funders. Looking forward the best for Anubhuti and Care for Joy.